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About Bureau

Havyaka Welfare Trust is running a marriage bureau for last many years. Considering the present advance & fast life we have realized the need of the society by stepping ahead for this online marriage bureau.

Previously marriages were arranged by mouth to mouth information. The main criteria for matching the life partner were Food Habits, Respectable Family & very important was Horoscope. Girls were less educated having hardly any chance to chose. Families were known to each other, directly or indirectly. People were happy as the process was self sufficient to meet society requirements.

In Middle Age the youth started migrating all over. Meeting each other became difficult. Then the concept of Marriage Bureau started and last few decades we have been using this method.

Life has become advanced & fast. It is difficult for people (candidates & parents) to even visit Marriage Bureau periodically. Technology has advanced & its use is becoming familiar to all. Many online Marriage Bureaus are working well but they cater services to all casts from all places.

Our intension behind starting our existing Havyaka Marriage Bureau online is to cater such holy services to all Havyaka candidates from all over the globe.

Now concepts are also changed like:
Now candidates have their own choice aspect.
Criteria is widen like matching Age, Education, Complexion, Height, Weight, Spectacle,
   Habits, Food Liking, Number of Family Members & lot more.
People don't meet that frequently & if meet can not match all above.
Person to person 2-3 interaction meetings have become a must.

As you know that we are always with time & with our young generation. Our online service will try to cater all that this generation demands. So we request you all to come forward & ENROLL. Help the cause to help yourself.

Procedure for Viewing the Candidate Details:
Any non member also can view basic information & then semi detailed information.
Semi Detail information does not include Names, Photo & Communication Details.
Names, Photo & Communication Details are passed only to members for secrecy & security.
Member then can ask for Detailed Information through registered email or from office.
Non member can become a member & then can get the entire information.
Your email address with us will be treated as authorized medium for data exchange.